Saskatchewan Officials Make NLL History

The Saskatchewan Rush game on Saturday, November 18th was a great day for Officiating in Saskatchewan!   For the first time in NLL history two Saskatchewan Officials officiated a NLL at the same time and for the first time in NLL history a Saskatchewan Official was on the floor.

Ian Wilson and Marcus Fisher officiated together at the game with Marcus on the floor.   Both Ian and Marcus have been Officiating for numerous years.    Ian has Officiated Field Lacrosse at Worlds and currently trains Field Officials in Saskatchewan.  Ian also organizes all the Field Officials for the SLA Field Provincials each year.   Marcus has officiated numerous National Box championships and officiated at the Minto Cup this past year.  Marcus has been a Co-RIC at the SLA Box Provincials for the past couple years and this past year was the RIC for Bantam Nationals and was named the 2017 SLA Official of the Year.