The Saskatchewan Lacrosse Association is excited to announce the formation of a new multi-association minor Lacrosse league in southern Saskatchewan that will be crucial in helping to grow our National Summer Sport!   The league would not have been able to form if it wasn’t for all the hard work of the volunteers from the different Lacrosse communities that were involved. The SLA is grateful for all the hard work these volunteers put it, and to Rob Johner, past VP of Planning & Development for his visionary leadership towards the development of this league.

The South Sask Lacrosse League will begin play for the 2018 Lacrosse season and will be home to the following Minor Lacrosse Associations:

  • Moose Jaw Kinsmen Lacrosse Association
  • Weyburn Lacrosse Association
  • Swift Current Lacrosse Association
  • Estevan Minor Box Lacrosse Association
  • Interlocking play with Queen City Minor Box Lacrosse leagues

The South Sask Lacrosse League will allow Lacrosse programs and Associations to continue to develop and provide a place that rural communities can enter a team into, in the southern part of the Province. The SLA is thrilled to welcome the Swift Current Lacrosse Association back home as the formation of this league has allowed their Association to return to play in Saskatchewan, instead of playing in an interprovincial league in Alberta.

No one is more excited for the league then the individuals who will be playing in it. Please see below for quotes from Rebecca Lincoln, Weyburn Lacrosse Association President and Trenton Froese, Swift Current Lacrosse Association President, on how the SSLL will affect the growth of Lacrosse in their communities, and quotes from Shawn Williams, SLA President and Carrie Johnson, SSLL President on the formation of the league.

“The formation of this league is a huge step towards growth of Lacrosse in the southern part of the Province as it will provide more opportunities for competition and growth. The SLA looks forward to watching this league grow and to all the great accomplishments it will bring to Lacrosse in Saskatchewan”Shawn Williams, SLA President.

“Moose Jaw Lacrosse is excited to be a part of the new South Sask Lacrosse League.  With the increase in numbers throughout the province, we also see an increase for the need to find places for these players to play within their own communities.  We are hoping that by having this league, it will allow other centers outside of the big cities to form their own associations.  Thus, allowing them a place to play and to play against teams of all calibers.”Carrie Johnson, SSLL President

“Lacrosse in Swift Current has grown significantly over the past five years, and being involved in a league that provides quality competition is key for our Lacrosse programs to be able to step up to the next level.   We are excited to be part of a league in Saskatchewan again that always us to play more games, minimize our travel costs, and provides us opportunities to develop our players, coaches, and officials. This league is huge step forward in growing Lacrosse in Saskatchewan “Trenton Froese, Swift Current Lacrosse President

“As a brand-new Association to the SLA, Weyburn is excited for this new league to help the potential expansion of Lacrosse into our southern Saskatchewan towns. The SSLL will provide our Association with a greater variety of teams providing our future athletes with more opportunities. Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in Saskatchewan and we are hopefully this league will help encourage more centers to start their own Associations.”Rebecca Lincoln, Weyburn Lacrosse President.

For any media who wish to obtain inquiries from the SLA about the formation of the SSLL please contact the SLA Office at 306.780.9216 ext. 1 or via email at

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